Follow these 21 Bloggers to Learn Finnish

One easy way to improve your Finnish learning journey and immerse yourself in Finnish culture is by following Finnish bloggers. Here, we present a list of friendly Finnish bloggers whom you can follow online.

1. Dailyfinnish
Daily Finnish is an active blogger on Instagram with new posts every week. They aim to suit B2-C2 Finnish learners with their posts rich in vocabularies in a variety of topics. Not only do they cover vocabularies, they also share tips on grammar and pronunciation.

Daily Finnish Instagram profile showcasing an education website with advanced Finnish content, including grammar and vocabulary posts, aimed at B1-C2 level learners. Follow for helpful resources to prepare for the YKI test

2. Finnishwithheidi
Heidi is a native Finnish tutor. Her courses cover levels A1 to B1. On her Instagram, you can find a variety of posts and short videos to learn new vocabulary and practice short Finnish sentences.

Finnish with Heidi Instagram posts explaining Finnish language concepts and vocabulary with clear, visual aids. Great for learners aiming to improve their skills for the YKI test.


3. Keyfimcefince
If you already have some basic Finnish language skills, then make sure to follow Keyfimce fince. All posts are Finnish grammar focused and written in 100% Finnish.

4. Finnishtogo
Created by Virpi Hach, a teacher, an examiner, and co-developer of the Finnish B2 EU exam, with over a decade of teaching experience and guidance to 100+ successful students worldwide, Finnishtogo features posts about vocabulary and short videos covering both pronunciation and grammar.

5. Memory.match.finnish
If you’ve just started your Finnish learning journey, be sure to check out this channel where they cover A0 level Finnish vocabulary with descriptive pictures and audio to practice pronunciation. They also offer a small game called Memory Match Finnish, which helps you learn new words faster.

6. Mennaan_edu
This is an interesting channel where you can find simple new Finnish words that you can easily start learning. They also share about their journey across the beautiful country of Finland, providing more information about different cities and the culture in Finland.

7. The.finnish.line
The.Finnish.Line was created by a beginner Finnish learner, so if you’re looking to start somewhere, this is the place. It offers materials on vocabulary and grammar for new Finnish learners to begin their journey. Additionally, it features easy Finnish songs for you to sing along to and practice your pronunciation.

8. Dailysuomi
Another great source for new Finnish learners. You will be able to find the most basic Finnish words to basic Finnish sentences with detailed grammar explanation.

Daily Suomi Instagram profile dedicated to learning Finnish with daily sentences. Features educational content for language learners. Ideal for those preparing for the YKI test.


9. Suomen_ope_jenni
Jenni is a Finnish language teacher with a master’s degree in Finnish language and a bachelor’s degree in communication. Her Instagram posts are written entirely in Finnish and tailored for learners at levels B1 to C2.

10. Kielipajaluna
Liis Hertta Viks is a private Finnish teacher. She not only posts about Finnish learning materials, but also shares small tasks for you to practice with. Additionally, she updates about her daily life and Finnish culture. It’s the perfect place to learn Finnish and immerse yourself in the culture.

Kielipaja Luna Instagram profile by a Finnish and Estonian teacher, sharing language learning tips, private lessons, and resources. Useful for those studying for the YKI test.


11. Finnishlearning
With an Instagram and a Youtube channel, Finnishlearning provides a great and constant source of learning materials. These materials also include audio to help you practice pronunciation.

12. Finnish.caterina.nikitina
Caterina is a Finnish language teacher who offers group lessons and runs a conversation club. Her channel is particularly helpful for Russian speakers, as she shares Finnish vocabulary and phrases with Russian translations.

Finnish Caterina Nikitina Instagram profile focusing on interactive Finnish lessons, group classes, and conversation clubs. Offers resources for YKI test preparation.


13. Thefinnishgrammarpolice
The channel’s mission is to help learners speak Finnish like a native by providing posts about vocabulary and grammar. For every new word, there will be a phrase to demonstrate its correct usage.

14. Finnish_svetlana_opettaja
Svetlana is an experienced Finnish teacher whose students are all accepted into educational institutions in Finland. She shares Finnish phrases with Russian translations and posts videos of herself teaching Finnish vocabulary.

15. Lingwistaspecjalista
You can find free Finnish learning materials here. The posts feature descriptive and lively pictures for every word, making it easier to learn new vocabulary. There are also small tasks included that you can practice with.

Lingwista Specjalista Instagram posts featuring illustrated vocabulary and phrases in Finnish. Includes practical examples and common phrases to aid in YKI test preparation.

16. Learning_finnish_is_different
This channel acts like digital flashcards. The posts include a Finnish sentence and an English translation. You can learn small sentences, phrases in Finnish through this blogger.

17. Finnish.with.jenni
Jenni is a certified and native Finnish teacher. On her channel, she shares grammar tips and many videos of herself speaking in Finnish about different topics. She also points out common mistakes that learners make when starting to learn Finnish.

For Russians interested in learning Finnish, is the perfect place for you. This channel offers numerous videos in Finnish with Russian subtitles. Tailored for B1 level Finnish learners, you can learn new vocabulary and improve your pronunciation.

19. Finnish_with_alice
Another channel for Russian speakers, Finnish with Alice, is an active channel featuring not only learning materials but also some humorous moments related to your Finnish learning journey.

Finnish with Alice Instagram profile offering Finnish language lessons and resources. Alice provides tips, grammar lessons, and interactive posts to help learners, especially those preparing for the YKI test.


20. Happyaprendersuomi
This channel is ideal for beginners to learn Finnish. The posts consist of easy A0-A1 level vocabulary on various topics, presented as lists of words related to the topic. This format makes it easy to memorize and use the words effectively.

21. Opemarin_verkkokurssit
Marikokonen is an experienced Finnish language teacher with a master’s degree in Finnish language and literature from Turku University. She writes blogs, and many of them are in easy Finnish. Be sure to follow her Instagram to stay updated on her latest blogs.


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