What is YKI Speaking Club?

It's a free online call on Zoom where we come together weekly to practice speaking as it's done in the YKI test, focusing on the mielipide (opinion) tasks. Our values are openness, respect, and non-judgment. We are all students doing our best. The required Finnish language level is A2+.

If you wish to become a facilitator of the Speaking Club, please write to lidiia@ykipass.fi. This will help us organize more speaking club practice calls.

What will happen during the YKI Speaking Club?

During the call, we will be divided into breakout rooms, with each group consisting of 3-4 people. Once in your breakout room, take turns introducing yourselves in Finnish, sharing details like where you're from, where you live, or your hobbies. After introductions, you will have 1 minute to prepare for the conversation topic. Each participant will then speak for 2 minutes in turns. Ensure that someone keeps track of the time. Aim to speak as much as possible.

There will be two breakout rooms and two topics to discuss during the call.