• Image of a female person who is preparing for the YKI test but it is not fun to her.

    Is not fun

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    Takes a lot of time

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    Is difficult

We believe learning new vocabulary should be fun, fast & easy

Flashcards boxes of YKI Writing Phrases and YKI Expressing Opinions

Flashcards are a proven method for learning new vocabulary, also used in language test preparation, such as IELTS or TOEFL

We have done the hard work of finding all the right YKI vocabulary, so you can only focus on learning.

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    Step 3: Easily remember the vocabulary and be prepare in advance

  • I actually used flashcards when learning English at school. I just did not know what they were called back then. Now, it’s time to learn Finnish, and I knew I needed to get flashcards for the YKI writing part. I love them.

    Marina I.

  • I got a box of flashcards from my Finnish wife as a gift. She knows I will need to pass the YKI Test soon. At first, I did not believe in such a learning tool, but then we traveled to Lapland, and there was nothing to do on the train. OMG, I learned like 20 new phrases, and my kids helped me practice. It was fun, thanks, guys.

    Richard S.